How To Unlock iPhone 4 On All Network Via IMEI Number

Do you like to find good service how to Unlock iPhone 4 by free tutorial on any carrier via IMEI code? If you have a problem with iPhone 4 Lock on your iPhone 4, then you should use the Unlock iPhone 4 service. This is the simplest and the easiest solution for you in the case your iPhone 4 is being locked. This service works for all models of iPhones, from IPhone 4 and new version’s. And the most important thing about it is that it is available for free. It is secure and verified, It was tested many times and since it was first released it became very popular among users. The lock unlocking is guaranteed 100% and this can be proved by the positive replies of many users.

How to Unlock iPhone 4

How to Unlock iPhone 4

This amazing service is available only on our official Unlock iPhone 4 website where free use by links are provided for you. You should be very careful when searching on the Internet and looking for the proper service, because many web services will try to deceive you. SO, you should always make sure that the downloading source is a reliable one. Because otherwise many of your personal data might be stolen as well as considerable amount of money.

The principle on which our Unlock iPhone 4 service works is by connecting directly to the Appleā€™s database and removing the lock from its servers. Once your lock is unlocked, it is permanently. You can then creae the new credentials for your iPhone 4 and remember them for future use.

Free instructions for using the Unlock iPhone 4 service

Here are several simple instructions you need to follow in order to unlock your locked iPhone 4:

  1. Go in official Unlock iPhone 4 from reliable source
  2. Unzip and install it on your PC as run Administrator
  3. Connect the PC and the device
  4. Select your iPhone 4 model from the list
  5. Provide the IMEI code and put your iPhone 4 in DFU mode
  6. Click start and wait the initialization process to finish
  7. After the process is done and your phone is rebooted, go to iTunes and make Restore and Update
  8. Create the new ID and password for your phone.

Now your iPhone 4 is lock free. In case you have wondered what you need to do in cases you have how to Unlock iPhone 4 for free, you have already found the right solution for you. Just use this unlock iPhone 4 service from our website and it will automatically Unlock the iPhone 4 lock for you. So there is no reason to wait anymore, you should try this tool now!